Thank you so very much for playing at our wedding!  The
music was so beautiful!  We were able to watch the video the
next night, and we were able to focus more on everything
going on.  We just want to thank you again for making our
day extra memorable.

Thanks again,
Nicole and Jason Perez
For me, music has always been my way of connecting with the moment. I
knew I had to have a violinist at my wedding, because its sound is a piece
of heaven. On my wedding day, before and throughout the ceremony, I
heard Monica play with incredible grace as the music filled the church
and gave me chills. It brought God's presence to my groom and I in a very
real and beautiful way. I am so grateful I met Monica, and that she shared
her music with us on the most memorable day of my life!  
                                                                                                 ~ Anna Zuniga

Your music is truly a gift, as it was to us on our
wedding day.  

The Leisemeyers
We always dreamed of having a beautiful classical
wedding, and a huge key to this wedding was the
music. Thankfully we found Monica's incredible
expertise. Her stunning music and charm was more
than we ever dreamed we could have at the ceremony.
It honestly felt like we were in a movie.

~ Gabrielle L.